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With, we’re able to work in a way that suits our needs while still keeping remote teams closely aligned and highly empowered.


We’ve automated so many of our mundane processes. Now we’re able to spend more time on the work that requires our talent.

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Having a virtual work hub for our company allows us to communicate and collaborate no matter where we are in the world — land or sea.

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Managing a sales team is nothing short of challenging! In addition of keeping your CRM neat and organized, you also need to make sure that your leads are being assigned in time and that your sales pipeline is flowing. To do so, you need an impeccable sales processes. Solid sales processes will not only allow you to run your sales team like a well-oiled machine but will also help you towards reaching your goals. 

In this guide, we will cover how to use as a lead management, a CRM and a sales pipeline. We will also show you how to fully automate that workflow with automations and integrations. Finally, you will learn how to use our amazing reporting functionalities to make better informed decisions and stay on top of your goals. 

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